A champion Mothers’ Day at the Track World Cup 2016

A lazy morning with breakfast in bed wasn’t on the cards for me this Mothers’ Day!  I did have time to have a quick look at the fabulous cards the children had made me at school, before were up and out of the house by 8.45am – heading back to the Olympic Park in Stratford.  Our destination was the Track World Cup at the Velodrome.  Despite being regular visitors to the Park and velodrome, and massive cycling fans, we’ve never taken the children to see competitive racing (after our disastrous trip to a championship in Manchester when Alex was a baby!).

So we were a bit nervous as we turned up with our family ticket for the morning session – imagining restless children disturbing the silent sprint countdowns!  We needn’t have worried – they were both fantastic!  The atmosphere in the Veledrome was bustling and vibrant, and they were fascinated with everything that was going on around them.  We quickly started picking countries to support as we watched the women’s sprint heats and part of the omnium.  Thankfully we all agreed to support Team GB and Laura Trott as she pedalled her way to Gold!  Poor Sophie didn’t like the volume of the crowds when she was racing!


I love this photograph of me and my girl – she was a bit under the weather yesterday, but was so much happier today!


Alex loved the derny racing, choosing to support New Zealand and insisting I photograph him with the riders!  So here he is (New Zealand did qualify, I’m sure thanks to his cheering and support!)


And here’s Sophie keeping an eye on the derny racing!


We had a wonderful few hours watching the competition and exploring the velodrome.  When we spotted one of the tv interview backdrops, we couldn’t resist encouraging Alex and Sophie to practice their race winning celebrations!  So fun!


A very different, and very memorable Mothers’ Day!  Better than flowers 😉

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