Manchester, massages and maladies

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks with Alex getting his first proper cold and experiencing serious teething pains.  Poor wee man – and thank goodness for Calpol and baby bonjela!


Looking frazzled in Manchester!

We took our first family trip – a weekend in Manchester to watch the World Track Championships – or at least that was the plan. Alex had other ideas though – so I spent most of the weekend comforting an unhappy baby!  And with Matt and I sharing a room with him for the first time in a couple of months, we didn’t get much sleep!  Hopefully our trip to Dorset next month will be more successful.  Matt and our friend Jo certainly enjoyed the cycling, and I’m glad I at least managed to see the Team GB men’s pursuit team being brilliant 🙂


His appetite seemed to be affected by his cold. -but now he’s feeling better, he’s tried courgette and sweet potato. I’m a little bit offended that despite me preparing organic, steamed purees for him, he seems to prefer shop bought purees (which I only bought for ease for our weekend away!). Oh well – I’ll keep trying to get him to like my cooking, otherwise things will get expensive!

Highlights in the past couple of weeks include:

  • Taking baby massage classes with my NCT friends.  The babies love being naked and massaged, and, when not dodging al fresco peeing, it’s fun for us to have something to do with them to get them nice and relaxed.  Alex loves it – but tends to get the giggles quite a bit, or wriggles and wriggles trying to improve his rolling over skills!
  • Alex finally managed to roll all the way over – giving me hope that I will no longer have to spend much of my day helping him onto his back!  Sadly, he only seemed to perfect this skill for one day, and hasn’t repeated it since!
  • Alex bouncing

  • Alex meeting his Great Auntie Elaine, who dropped by for a couple of days on a whistlestop tour of the UK from Washington DC
  • Hanging out at Kew Gardens with his little friend Sasha (and our bigger friends John and Sladana) – we were so lucky with the weather, so Alex had a great tour of the grounds and got to see all the gorgeous crocuses that are blooming.  Such a stunning place.
  • Trying out a door bouncer – and absolutely loving it!
  • Screaming so loudly with excitement that he set of the window intruder alarms!!  His scream pitch must be exactly the same frequency – will make a singer of him yet!
  • More power pramming!

He starts swimming lessons next weekend – more on that soon!

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