Me and Mine {February 2016}

Our attempt at a February “Me and Mine” photograph was somewhat rushed at the end of a completely manic family weekend.  On Saturday, Alex’s social calendar was full with two birthday parties,  so Matt set off early with him to celebrate his girlfriend (!) Rosita turning five – check out her stunning cake!


Meanwhile, Sophie and I enjoyed a girly day out together.  It’s so unusual to spend time with her on her own it was such a treat for me.  And she was on fine form, making the perfect companion!  We set off into London together, taking the train up to the wonderful Unicorn Theatre.  I’d booked us tickets at the last minute to see a production called “Jeramee, Hartleby and Oooglemore” – and was so glad I had because it was just perfect for Sophie.  She bravely sat at the front with the other children and giggled her way through the fun show – taking part, and even dancing with the actors at the end.  It’s such a pleasure seeing her grow in confidence – I was so proud!


After the show, we spent some time playing on the riverside – one of our favourite spots in London.  Sophie scooted and ran around, dodging the fountains and playing hide and seek in the nearby gardens.  She kept shouting – “This is the best day ever!”.  Gorgeous!


We warmed up in a local restaurant where we had a fab girly lunch, complete with bellinis (for me) and stickers (for Sophie!) – enjoying the views of London and the river.


After a quick stop in Konditor and Cook for some cake, we headed home to meet the boys.  I then took Alex out to another party, while Matt hosted a playdate for Sophie and her friend Una.  Such a lovely day!

On Sunday, we were out bright and early again – this time heading East for a swim in London’s olympic pool.  Here are my water babies ready to jump in.  I wish I could get some footage of them in the water – something for the summer holidays i hope!


After our swim, we rushed off to Westfield shopping centre where we were meeting my uni friend Kate and her family for lunch and a trip to the Discover Story Centre.  We’d been keen to go back for a while to check out the new Michael Rosen experience, so it was great to go with friends.  Sophie adored going on a real bear hunt through all the book’s habitats with the guide, although Alex was less convinced.  The space felt quite small compared to the last Oliver Jeffers exhibition, so we didn’t stay as long.  Instead we headed out into the chilly sunshine for a big play in the brilliant imagination garden.  Here’s Sophie making music.


And my pair climbing and sliding – and looking really quite content!


Right at the end of our day trip when we were beginning to turn blue with the cold, I remembered the Me and Mine Project and thought we should make a quick attempt at a shot for February (given there was no hope of achieving it on a school day!).  So in the dying hours of sunshine, in the middle of the Discover Story Centre garden, we thrust the camera at Kate and asked her to fire off a couple of snaps.  With no time to line up the shot properly, they ended up a bit blurry, but they still make me smile. Here’s me attempting to gather the gang together – looking particularly ridiculous!


And here we all are – me and mine in February 2016!


The Me and Mine Project

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