November in pictures

After our busy half term and Sophie’s birthday, we’ve had a run of really quiet weekends – which, frankly, has been just what the doctor ordered!  Our jobs have been crazy this past few weeks and chilling out at the weekends has been wonderful!  I was commenting to Matt yesterday how much things have changed – where a few months ago I panicked if I didn’t have weekend’s packed full of activities and trips for the children, now we regularly stay home and keep busy with fun in the house.  Suddenly the children will play together for ages, making up imaginary worlds in the playroom, colouring and baking.

But we haven’t stayed tucked up all month – so here are a few photos of what we’ve been up to:

We’ve been to lots of parties – with Alex now in school, we seem to have a 5th birthday party to go to every few weeks! Here’s the gang from his childminder at Jake’s 4th birthday party:


And here’s Alex enjoying a bouncy castle at his school friend Maia’s party:


Poor Sophie hasn’t been invited to the school birthday parties, but it’s been fun to spend some time with her on her own while one of us accompanies Alex to his social events!  Here she is playing ball with Matt in our kitchen – apparently she was laughing so much, Matt feared she might be sick!


A couple of weeks ago, we headed out to beautiful Eton for a bit of a family get-together whilst my Auntie Margaret was visiting from Edinburgh.  We chose to meet at the wonderful Dorney Court Kitchen Garden as the food is delicious and the garden fabulous for children.  Sadly, we didn’t plan for the weather and we found the garden rather waterlogged!  Despite the torrential downpour, Alex and Sophie (and their twin cousins) attempted some outdoor play – we were very impressed with my dad for joining in!


We had much more fun inside, enjoying a leisurely lunch and cake together.  Matt entertained the children beautifully while the rest of us caught up!  Here are the four cousins enjoying some colouring and reading together – looks like Sophie is in charge!


I love this picture of Alex, Sophie, Rose and Lucy – they’re all growing up so quickly!


This weekend, we’ve been celebrating Matt’s birthday.  We started his special day with a delicious breakfast at The Lido Cafe in Herne Hill – one of our favourite local places.  Alex ordered a croissant – which was probably the largest one I’ve ever seen!  He managed to eat it all, dunking it in strawberry jam (and he complained he was hungry soon afterwards!)

Here’s my little family in the morning sun – love this shot of them all looking so happy together 🙂

We spent the rest of his birthday over in the Olympic Park, where Sophie practiced on her balance bike in the shadow of the 2012 velodrome!



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