Sophie’s gymnastics party

Two weeks ago, we celebrated Sophie’s 3rd birthday with a crazy party at Southwark Gymnastics Club.  Sophie and 15 of her friends descended on Camberwell Leisure Centre for 90 minutes of totally exhausting exercise – and what a fabulous time they had!

Sophie has enjoyed a few trips to the Southwark Tiny Gym over the past year, where she’s loved playing on the equipment – so we thought it would be a perfect place for a party for her.  We were delighted to find, in addition to all the traditional gym kit, a huge inflatable track (which I think the older children use to practice tumbling safely) which stretched along the full length of the space.  For 60 minutes, the party guests ran and ran and ran – they were so keen, the gym instructor hosting us had to run a rota system, ensuring the big 5 year old boys weren’t on at the same time as the little ones!

Here’s Sophie and her little friends having a blast, Sophie in her full Frozen costume!


And here are the big boys getting very hot and sweaty!


Alex adored it, going bright red as he and his friends explored the space at speed!


Here’s Una, Isaac and Ada having a go on the rings!


And gorgeous Emilia having a bounce:


And looking completely gorgeous, my twin nieces Rose and Lucy who adored the track!


The brilliant gym instructor was on hand to give the kids some coaching.  Here’s the birthday girl on the bars!


And, not to be outdone by his little sister, here’s Alex having a go


Just when we thought all the children were going to collapse from the excitement and excursion, it was time to deflate the track and calm down over a few songs!  We all gathered to sing some of Sophie’s songs:


Here’s Alex and his friends during song time – looking mischievous as always!


Sophie loved everyone singing happy birthday at the end – she had such a great time!


After the gymnastics was done, we enjoyed a birthday tea and of course – a Frozen birthday cake!


Here’s the beautiful birthday girl:


I still can’t believe she’s three-years-old.  She’s growing up so quickly at the moment – here she is on each of her birthdays.  There’s no baby left – she’s become such a gorgeous little lady!


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