The tooth fairy and Santa Claus

It’s been a week of magical experiences – with Alex’s very first encounter with the tooth fairy!  I was quite shocked when he revealed a properly wobbly tooth, expecting that was something we wouldn’t be facing for at least a couple more years.  I can’t stand wobbly teeth (yuck!), but Alex’s ridiculous excitement soon crushed my horror!  He’d heard about the tooth fairy from friends at school and was beside himself when the tooth finally came out (thanks Jacqui for giving it a helping hand!).

Following some quick research on the going rate (seems it’s gone up from the 20p I received in the 1980s), the fairy duly left £1 overnight – and I think she might be visiting again soon judging by the serious amount of wobbling going on the next tooth today!

Carrying on the mythical vibe, we introduced an “Elf on the Shelf” this year – and its been hilarious watching the children try and behave for it (and talk to it, asking it to tell Santa about all the nice things they are doing and not to tell him about when they are naughty!).

We took the kids to see Santa at the East Dulwich Christmas Cracker last weekend.  Sophie was terrified and wouldn’t go in (!), but Alex was game and made sure Santa knew that we weren’t at home this Christmas and that he needed to deliver his presents to Coombe Mill!

Here’s Alex, and his wonderful toothy grin, meeting the man himself!


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