Siblings #3 {March}

Alex and Sophie’s relationship is certainly becoming more emotional this month!  We’re seeing much more bickering over toys, a strong sense of competition between them, and occasionally downright rage (particularly from Sophie) if Alex won’t share something with her!  It’s quite something to watch.  But we’re also seeing much more affection between our siblings.

They are becoming such a team, racing around together – Sophie usually pursuing her big brother. Here they are racing around City Hall with each other having the best time.

Sibling chasing

My favourite new thing this month is how they comfort each other.  If Sophie is sad (or cross with me), Alex has spontaneously cuddled her and taken her hand to make her feel better.  They often walk to our childminder’s house hand-in-hand in the morning, chatting away. My heart melts every time they do it.  He’s starting to really look out for her and it makes me so proud to be their mummy.
Sibling cuddles

dear beautiful

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