Spring on the Southbank

Finally, Spring feels like it’s nearly here.  The weather yesterday was glorious – beautiful blue skies, light breeze and a warm sun that meant for the first time I didn’t feel an urge to wrap up in multiple layers!

We had a bit of a false start with me having to pop into work for a few hours this morning and Matt deciding to the kids to an indoor gymnastics session.  But we made up for it after lunch with one of our favourite activities – wandering along the Southbank.  My mum joined us just in time for our jaunt into town.

We started at London Bridge and headed straight to the river to start our walk east.  It took us forever to make any progress and the children kept being distracted by the view and various things along the river, including a lovely London Bridge mural.


But we didn’t mind the slow pace – we just meandered along the Thames taking in the atmosphere.  As usual, there were a few surprises along the way, particularly at City Hall where there’s a big Mexico tourism installation.  The children were thrilled with the huge, colourful dragon that greeted them!


Here they are exploring the art (and ignoring the “do not touch” sign – whoops).  I look at these pictures and can’t quite believe how quickly tehy are growing up!


With grandma with us, we even managed to attempt a family photo (note the lack of heavy coats and scarves – yay!)


The children love it around City Hall – the amphitheatre style area offers a brilliant place to run and climb.  They raced around after each other, and had a great time clambering back up the many different levels.  Here’s Sophie exploring:


Once we’d persuaded the children to leave the Mexico exhibition, we wander over Tower Bridge to the Tower of London. Alex was fascinated by Traitors’ Gate and wondering what naughty things he’d have to have done to be taken to the Tower!

We hopped on the Thames Clipper River Bus and whizzed down the river to Greenwich – the best way to travel to get an ice cream!  We paid another visit to our favourite Gelateria there (yum) before heading home for a quiet evening with parents.

Our feet were tired and the children were exhausted, but it was so so nice to get back out in the fresh air and exploring the city. Bring on the Summer!


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