A quiet Mother’s Day weekend

Just catching up on last weekend before this one gets underway properly!

We had a very chilled out weekend for Mother’s Day.  We started the weekend at a couple of local clubs.  I took Alex to the BMX club in Burgess Park for their track session.  I think he was the youngest there, and certainly the only one there with spokey dokeys on his wheels – but he held his own for the first half of the 90 minute session.  He got a bit too cold and tired to carry on, so we snuck away for a warm drink in the cafe and a quick stop in the playground, before heading to pick up Matt and Sophie who were enjoying toddler gymnastics in Camberwell!

We then spent a brilliant couple of hours at a 3rd birthday party – with a Sri Lankan dad, we enjoyed a wonderful curry lunch while the children played with their friends.  Win!

With the weather a bit brighter and warmer, we spent most of the rest of the weekend pottering around the house and garden. Alex and Sophie whiled away half an hour playing with a cardboard box – best toy over:


And we got the bubbles out and hit the garden. Sophie’s finally learning how to actually blow bubbles rather than just tip the mixture all over the floor.


And we made lots of mud pies and “hot chocolate” – in my baking bowl 😦


Mother’s Day was lovely.  I got some very nice handmade and handpicked cards – with a handwritten note inside the robot one from Alex!


We had a pancake breakfast, family trip swimming and absolutely delicious tapas and cava lunch in Brixton before heading home for a vague attempt at a family picture in the garden.  Not entirely sure what Alex was doing!

The kids had lots of fun playing with waterbeads making a marine world for their Octonaut toys.  I’m still finding (and standing on) the rubbery beads all over my kitchen floor!


We ended Mother’s Day at The Little Disco Company in East Dulwich.  We met one of Sophie’s friends, Anna, there and it was hysterical watching the pair of ladies dancing wildly to a Frozen dance mix (yes, odd I know).


I shall close with my fave pictures of the week.  My little star posing on her way to Jacqui’s, and my lovely siblings sharing the morning walk.


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