Siblings #2 {February}

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of February. I haven’t managed to take a family portrait – but I have taken a few more snaps of my crazy siblings to share.

We’ve noticed Sophie getting more confident this month – particularly with deciding what toys she wants to play with. Now she’s getting older, she’s keen on Alex’s toys, so we are increasingly getting little squabbles when they both want to play with the same thing. And invariably when they seem to be playing nicely with their own toys, Sophie decides Alex’s looks much more exciting. Cue tears and screaming!

But on the whole, they are firm allies! Here they are today at the Discover Centre in Stratford enjoying some rough and tumble. One day I will remember to video them as the sound of their hysterical giggles is so uplifting!


Sophie in particular finds Alex completely hilarious (which is clearly perfect for my boy who loves being the centre of attention!).  I think my favourite sibling moment this month was last weekend when Matt and Sophie collected Alex and I from a birthday party.  Sophie was fast asleep in the car so didn’t notice Alex sit in his seat next to her, proudly sporting his Spiderman face paint.  She woke with a start a few minutes later, which would normally result in tears.  But she took one look at Alex and burst out laughing.  Here’s a sibling selfie just afterwards:


dear beautiful

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