Imagining Spring

We enjoyed an glimpse of Spring this weekend – sadly indoors through the medium of music rather than outside in the sunshine!  But it was lovely nevertheless!

We headed up to King’s Place to enjoy a family performance called “Far far away” by members of the Aurora Orchestra – the ensemble I sang with in the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall last year.  Playing beautiful Chopin waltzes, the performers moved amongst the children in the audience as they acted out a story about a dragonfly at the beginning of Spring.

There was so much audience participation that Sophie and Alex loved it – they hopped like chicks, made lots of noise to wake up a hibernating tortoise and waved like reeds in a breeze.  It was absolutely gorgeous – stunning music, really clever story telling and so, so engaging for little ones.  You can see more and watch a little video here.  It was a bit tricky to take photos – but here are a couple to remind myself how lovely it was.  I love my pair stretched out on the cushions as the performance started.


The peace and calm of the performance passed very quickly, with both my duo having major tantrums in King’s Place foyer – nice!  So we abandoned plans to spend the day pottering around the South Bank, and headed back to South London.  Thankfully they were both on better form when we stopped for a Mexican lunch in Brixton.  Sophie loved her quesadilla platter, and spent a large proportion of the meal dramatically lifting the lid and shouting “Ta-Da!”

Sophie Mexican

After a play in Brixton softplay, we went for a walk in Brockwell Park to enjoy the last rays of sunshine.  Sophie sat longingly on the miniature railway platform, hopefully waiting for a train.  She’s got about 3 weeks to go till it starts running again…

Waiting for a train

She soon gave up, and went for an explore around the trees and bushes with her stick!


Today was a very exciting day for Alex – his little friend Rosita’s birthday party!  Dressed in his brilliant, caped Superman top, he and I headed to the party after swimming.  Alex was delighted to see a bouncy castle in the garden and got stuck in immediately, despite the cold.


Once the rain started, we headed in doors for some brilliant face painting, games, craft and cakes.  Here is Alex (or should I say Spiderman) with his girlfriend Rosita.

Alex and Rosita

They are such a pair.  They weren’t really separated all party – and Rosita even let Alex help her blow out her mermaid birthday cake!  They made quite a couple – Superman and Elsa!

Rosita cake


Meanwhile, Sophie was enjoying a cinema trip with her daddy, loving the Peppa Pig feature and behaving brilliantly in the theatre.   She’s growing up so fast – I can’t quite believe my youngest is now old enough to go to the movies.  We’re contemplating a family trip to see a film next week.

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