Life according to my camera

The next post in my blog catch up is a glimpse into our lives over the past few weeks – according to the camera on my iPhone! It’s been pretty quiet, with the days short, chilly and dark. But looking back at the photos, we’ve done lots of little things that make me smile to remember them.

We took a trip up to Cambridge to visit friends Helen and Rob, and their four year old son, Angus. Stopping in at the London Olympic Park to break the journey, we enjoyed a fantastic swim in the Olympic Pool together, before heading to Cambridge for the rest of the day. I was surprised at how close Cambridge was, and it was so lovely catching up with our friends, I hope we get back again soon.

We mostly stayed tucked up in the fab new house, but ventured out to their local playground so the children could burn off some energy running around and playing together:


We had a cultured Saturday a couple of weeks ago, dropping into Saville Row to get Matt measured for some new shirts (most expensive part of being 6’5″ and lanky!). Sophie loved all the Christmas decorations in the Burlington Arcade. They both loved the massive mirror in the tailors – I was terrified they were going to do damage to the beautiful building and showroom, so we quickly made our escape!


We wandered down to the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts on Piccadilly where the children could explore more freely. They loved the submarine art installation!


On the train home, Sophie and Matt had fun together, Sophie mirroring everything her daddy did. These photos really do make me grin!


What else have we been up to? We’ve baked Christmas ginger biscuits with our friends Sam and Una – and made an enormous mess decorating them:


We’ve put the skills Matt learned on a recent Italian cookery course into practice, making foccacia bread (yum):


We’ve made good use of Sophie’s birthday easel, doing some painting together:


We’ve ventured away from the house to go to “Baby booters”, a local football class on weekend morning’s. Sophie loved it. Alex loved his American Football shirt (thanks Elaine – I think he has a few more years growth in that one!)


We’ve ignored the cold weather and tucked into ice cream in the best East Dulwich parlour:

Ice cream

We’ve gone to toddler gymnastics – Sophie heaven:


We’ve even tried our hands at playing the violin with Auntie Jo!


No wonder I’m exhausted

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