Winter in the New Forest

A few weeks ago we went on a little weekend trip to the New Forest to visit Katharine and her daughter Emilia.

Setting off on a gloriously sunny winter morning, we broke the journey in Shere to catch up with Matt’s brother and his family and see their newly refurbished house.  Alex adores his older cousins Thomas and Edward, and quickly began trashing the tidy living room by getting all the toys he could find out!  After lunch, we enforced some quiet time to stop the children running around for a while.  I love this picture of Sophie snuggled up with Thomas – so cute!

ShereIt was such a lovely, crisp day, we met Katharine and our friends Kate and Mike down at Lepe Beach to enjoy the last bit of daylight.  The children quickly got stuck into the excellent playground while us grownups enjoyed the stunning sunset over the Isle of Wight and the Solent.


Alex had a great time down on the beach getting suitably wet (am seriously regretting not getting him to do a Karate Kid pose down there!)


It was such a pleasure hanging out with such good friends – and seeing little Emilia who’s growing up so quickly:


When it got too dark and cold, we headed back to Katharine’s place for a very relaxed evening.  The children all slept brilliantly (with Alex and Sophie sharing a room – Alex complained that she wouldn’t stop talking!) leaving us to have a lovely meal and proper chat over a bottle of wine.  Heaven.

The next day wasn’t quite so sunny, but that didn’t stop us!  We hit the local playground with the children and whiled away a very pleasant hour with them.  Sophie and Emilia took it in turns to drive each other around in the mini fire engine, and Alex and Tom did a bit of Octonauts play, imagining they were in a whirlpool spinning around (hope Mike’s back recovered from spinning them!)


My pair of siblings played beautifully together – I’m loving watching their relationship develop.  Sophie follows Alex around (I think she thinks she’s four and can do everything he can), copying him in everything – and does a great job keeping him in line!  Here they are having fun together.


It was such a lovely trip – far too short, but hopefully we can go back again soon.

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