Quiet Christmas

After a somewhat stressful Christmas Eve, with two grumpy children being naughty all day, I was nervous about a Christmas Day with no visitors or plans. Just the four of us.

But turns out it was a thoroughly lovely experience. We’ve had a totally laid back, relaxed Christmas – no obligations or timetables, just us hanging out together. I’m still grinning (although that may be the cheese and fizz I’ve consumed this evening).

We even had a lie in – probably the last one I’ll have for a few years. We didn’t really get up till 8am when the children remembered they’d been expecting an overnight visitor.  And they weren’t disappointed to find two bulging stockings waiting for them. They were mostly focused on whether Santa had brought them chocolate coins – cue a breakfast of chocolate!

Ribbet collage

Once we’d prised the chocolate out of their hands, they properly explored their stockings finding stickers, mini light sabers, books, stamps and another bits and bobs.

SophieStockingWe finally crept downstairs to see if Santa had helped himself to the goodies we’d left him on Christmas Eve.  Alex’s reaction was hilarious to the crumbs and empty cups – he was so shocked and excited!AlexThe children got some amazing gifts – thanks everyone – Alex loved his marble run and Sophie adored her toy cake.  We enjoyed a brilliant couple of hours where the children explored their toys and books slowly and quietly together.


Sophie had a tea party in their new rocket tent and tried out her new balance bike, we all enjoyed a family game of Pop-Up-Pirate, and Alex even sat quietly and worked through a Stick Man puzzle book!  It was heaven.  I even got to sit down with a drink and watch some of carols from King’s.

SOphbikeBut we didn’t say indoors all day.  It was such a bright, sunny day, we headed down to Sunray Gardens to get some fresh air.  Sophie insisted on taking the balance bike – and did pretty well with it, although made Matt and I run with her all the way!

BikeThe children partook of a spot of tree climbing, Alex going scarily high as usual:

ChristmastreeclimingBefore we headed home for lunch, we tried some comedy camera timer shots.  So here’s Family Agar on Christmas Day 2014.

FamilyUnfortunately Alex keeps shouting “Poo” when he sees a camera, so he looks a bit odd!

Family2We had a lot of fun!

Family3We headed home for a full English brunch and some Christmas cake, before a quiet afternoon of movies and napping.  We ended our family day with a roast dinner and the contents of a selection box!  Perfect.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas xx


One thought on “Quiet Christmas

  1. Loving all your blogs!! What a fabulous job you’ve done to catch up after your hectic time at work. Well done you and love to all.
    Michele xx


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