It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Hello folks!  I wonder if I’ll have any readers after failing to blog for over 6 weeks – sorry it’s been so quiet from me online.  I’m just coming out of some of the busiest weeks of my life with two massive work projects going live in the past fortnight and two crazy children occupying what free time I have!  But I think I’m through the worst, so the blog will get a bit of love again 🙂

But before I can move forward, I need to catch you up on the last few weeks so I don’t forget what we’ve been up to.  I think it’s going to take me a few posts to get right up to date, so I’d better get started.

With work being so crazy, we’re very behind with our Christmas preparations.  But we’re finally getting into the festive spirit – and the thing that really got me in the mood was our first ever school Christmas carol concert!  I know I’ll probably get tired of attending loads of school performances over the next two decades, but I was ridiculously excited at the prospect of seeing Alex singing with his nursery friends.  He’d been practicing for ages and was so proud to have me watch the little show.

All the parents snuggled up in the corner of the playground and watched the three and four year olds sing a collection of Christmas songs, complete with well rehearsed actions.  It was so cute – and so very funny.


The highlight for me was Alex’s Elvis-esque hip swinging dance which was a dominant feature of Jingle Bells – several mums commented on it!

You’ll be delighted to hear I videoed a little bit of it – so we can embarrass Alex when he’s older.  Enjoy!

After the show, we gathered in the nursery classroom where the children received a special visitor:


Of course Alex wasn’t fooled, and announced to his hushed and excited class mates, “That’s not Santa!  That’s Mr Donnelly”!!  No surprising him!

Thankfully, he was more impressed with our Christmas tree.  Neither Sophie or Alex were particularly enthralled with heading out on a cold afternoon to our local garden shop to select a tree (although Alex was excited at having the tree on the car roof!), but they did enjoy getting the decorations out!


Here they are busy with the decorating:


Even a week after it’s been in the living room, they still walk in and are surprised by the tree.  We regularly do a big countdown to switch the lights on!  They are so excited about Christmas, and it’s fun this year with Sophie more aware of what’s going on.  Alex would like a light sabre for Christmas and Sophie would like a chocolate coin (!) – at least she’s easy to please!

It’s late, so I’ll carry on with the big catch up tomorrow, but for now, I’ll leave you with my pair at Alex’s school Christmas Fair:


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