Catching up in photos

Very sorry for the blog silence over the past fortnight – with a series of family illnesses, a crazy time with work and a certain little lady’s first birthday, we’ve been a bit swamped.

So before I get onto Sophie turning one, here is a quick update on what else we’ve been up to, according to our photostream…

With our friends Dan and Bryony in town, we spent a lovely Saturday up in London doing some sightseeing with them.  On the way to meet them, we took a new London routemaster bus to Trafalgar Square.  Alex loved the fountains, so we took quite a detour looking at them and, of course, climbing on the lions.  Here is my little family (Matt firmly holding Alex to prevent him jumping in – he does love to swim!):

Trafalgar Square

Once we’d dragged Alex away, we met our friends at the brilliant London Transport Museum.  It’s a while since we’ve been, and I’d forgotton how brilliant it is for toddlers.  Alex and Freddie ran around like wild things, exploring the carriages, buses and watching the little red train run back and forth on its tracks.  Such fun watching them properly playing together:


Once we’d exhausted them out, we popped to the Covent Garden Wahaca for a Mexican lunch.  By the time we’d ordered and got settled, Sophie was just too tired to eat – and had a comedic nap sprawled out in the booth:

It amazes me that babies have the ability to sleep anywhere if they really need to.  Once she’d slept enough, she loved eating quesadillas and sweet potato.  Happy children all round.

After parting company, we had a quick wander around of the National Gallery (brave wth a noisy toddler and scooter!).  It was a high speed tour, but we did manage to see some Van Gogh, Constable and Monet.  Alex quite liked the sunflowers and stars in Van Gogh’s paintings!!

Mum and Dad popped over for the day last Sunday – we enjoyed a nice walk in Brockwell Party, stopping to enjoy the minature railway before they pack it away for the winter:

We managed to have a quick peek of the gorgeous house featured in a recent Channel 4 Grand Designs programme before the heavens opened and we had to shelter under a tree in a torrent!

Once we were back tucked up in our snug house, we all enjoyed a proper Sunday roast together – lovely end to a fun weekend.

To close, here’s Sophie trying to pick a book for bedtime. She’s quite indecisive:

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