This week according to my iPhone

We’ve had another quiet week, and a mostly indoors weekend with the weather so damp – but so as not to get behind with the blog, here are a few highlights from our phone cameras!

Saturday was very organised, with winter coat purchasing for the children (not a moment too soon) and haircuts all round!  The afternoon’s highlight was another third birthday party – this time Ralph’s.  Alex is getting quite a pro at singing Happy Birthday!  It was a great party, with all the children on fine, chilled out form – leaving us adults time to quaff some wine and catch up!

Alex enjoyed scooting around outside the party on his new scooter with his Thomas party bag:

Today, after our weekly splashy swim in Brixton, we avoided the rain with some time in the softplay.  Sophie’s getting brave and starting to venture into the main area, shunning the baby corner.  Alex knows every corner of the complex:


With the rain torrential, and me struck down with a, thankfully short-lived, migraine, we snuggled up at home for most of the day with movies and some painting (this time painting with cars and potato stamps!)

Thankfully, just as Alex was going completely stir crazy in the house, the sun came out and we dashed to the park.

We loved the see-saw:

SeeSawWe did lots of spinning:


And we climbed, rocked and scooted:


Thank goodness for some fresh air!  Meant for a more peaceful bedtime I think as they were exhausted – which was good as Alex is in a proper big single bed for the first time tonight!  My baby is growing up!

Just to close, we got some fabulous phone pics from Jacqui this week.  Looks like Alex and Sophie had fun whilst Matt and I were at work!)


Alex even went on a bug hunt!


Night all

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