Not much to report

…but I’ll write a blog anyway!  It’s 11.20pm on Sunday night.  I really should be asleep, but my mind is whirring.  Too much going on at work and home to completely relax!  Working full-time (and extra time!) and having two little ones is absolutely exhausting.  We’re learning that we have to be pretty regimented at organisation or things fall apart – food shopping ordered for home delivery at exactly the right time, laundry closely monitored or we run out of clothes (especially Sophie who can go through several costume changes per day at the moment!) and diaries carefully planned so we can drop off and collect the kids.   Sometimes it’s hard to fit in some fun!

But we try to where we can!  It’s been a tough old week.  Alex is going through a difficult emotional patch – and this week i’ve witnessed tantrums of epic proportion, including one commute to Jacqui’s house which involved a 15 minute stand off in the park because he wanted to walk a different route.  It’s sad to see our normally happy little man so angry – so I’m hoping this is a short phase.  He’s clearly had some fun times this week though, as these fab photos from our childminder prove.  Here he is having a brilliant time with his two best friends Sam and Rosita!  I love getting pictures of his day when I’m at work – never fails to make me smile and miss him at the same time!


We’ve just finished a very quiet weekend, enjoying the glorious sunny, autumn days.  On Saturday both children were on amazing form – such a pleasure to be around and a lot of fun. Alex managed the entire day without a single strop and Sophie was her happy, smiley self, finally over all the illness of the past fortnight.  Alex got to choose Saturday’s activity, so he selected the “Fish Museum” or Horniman Museum to the rest of us.

He loved the bus ride up there – or more specifically waiting for the bus – as he found immense amusement watching cars and buses crush conkers in the road.  Look at the joy on his face:

His giggle really is infectious as Sophie soon found it funny too!  At the museum, we did our usual exploration of the tiny aquarium – particularly good now that Sophie enjoys it too.  Alex spent ages counting jelly fish and Sophie liked the tropical tank.  Once we’d exhausted that, we wandered around the galleries and even tried a “hands on” session, touching lots of the museum’s masks (although Alex quickly bored of having to be gentle so we headed out to the gardens!).

As luck would have it, it turns out there’s a farmers’ market at the museum on a Saturday – so that was lunch sorted.  Ham and cheese galettes all round 🙂

Then it was back home for a Sophie nap and a movie for Alex, before we headed out to his friend Arlo’s 3rd birthday party.  With a pirate theme, Alex loved the pirate cake and jelly and ice cream.  He is loving this spell of parties!

Today, we spent the morning over in Brixton swimming which is always fun – am so happy to have two water babies!  And to make it even more perfect, Alex’s friend Rosita was there so they splashed around together for a while.  Once we’d dried off, we popped into Sloane Square to investigate scooters.  Alex has used his micro scooter so much, he’s completely knackered it!  Despite a number of replacement brakes, it’s gradually disintegrating – so he is now the proud owner of the next model up (which should apparently last him until he’s six!).  Sorry Grandma / Nanny Michele – I know we should have waited until Christmas, but I don’t think his current one would have lasted another couple of months…

We ended the day at our local park in the evening sun – here are my babies playing together (still no great photo of them both – must try harder!)


Right – enough rambling on – really must go to bed!

Night all


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