9 months old

A couple of weeks ago, Sophie turned 9 months old!  I continue to be amazed at how quickly time is passing – here she is excited about reaching that milestone:


And perfecting her big brother’s photo grin:

I keep looking back on the blog to see how Alex was doing at the same age – and it looks like they enjoy the same toys at least!

Sophie’s 9 month “birthday” was my last full day at home with them both before going back to work full time – and we had a lovely, quiet day together enjoying the sunshine.  We spent our afternoon at Belair Park in Dulwich with my friend Katie and her children, Jake and Emily.  While the boys were running riot in the playground fuelled up on biscuits, I got to enjoy some picnic blanket cuddles and giggles with the baby girls:

GirlsOur friend Tim, and his fiance Asal, popped over last Saturday during a trip to the UK from California and we had a very British picnic in a windy and slightly muddy part of Brockwell Park (sorry Asal!).


And on Sunday, we enjoyed a flying visit from Auntie Katharine last weekend – and took her up to the Thames Path for another gorgeous family walk.  Alex discovered the fun Design Museum sculptures:

And to close – here’s some sibling love!


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