A country show and an urban walk

I’m sorry I’ve been silent for a while.  Work has been crazy and and when i’m not working, we’ve been having too much fun to stop and write about it!  Will try harder so I don’t get behind.

We’ve been having a brilliant South London summer, packing lots into our weekends.  A couple of weeks ago was the highlight of the Herne Hill social calendar – the Lambeth Country Show.  We go every year, enjoying the massive range ot activities and food. This year there was jousting, camel racing, farm animals, and loads of food and craft.  But all Alex was interested in was the funfair!  My poor parents and aunt had come to explore the fair, but they didn’t get to see very much of it!

Alex wanted to try everything and showed no fear.  He particularly adored the runaway train ride which he insisted on doing more than once.


Alex also loved the inflatable section, climbing up the scarily high slides and flinging himself off with abandon – I can hardly watch!


Sophie and I went on the merry-go-round – not sure what she thought about it, but she didn’t cry, so I assume that means she quite liked it!

That weekend also saw my final ever Hummy Mummies concert – I’ll be back at work full-time from September, so sadly won’t be able to go to rehearsals anymore 😦  It really has been a fabulous thing to be part of – such a highlight of the week when I was on maternity leave.  It’s been particularly fun seeing it grow over the past 18 months from a really small group to quite an impressive scale.  Last week’s concert was accompanied by a band and was great fun. And afterwards, Alex got to have a go on a real set of drums!  I really do think he’s got the musical gene – he loves music and rhythm, and given he’s only 2, made a really good attempt at playing!  Matt was very proud!


The day after our concert and trip to the show almost ended in disaster.  After an early morning swimming trip to the Brockwell Park Lido, Matt made the mistake of walking Alex home via Brockwell Park – past the funfair and country show.  When Alex realised he wouldn’t be going on all the rides again, a tantrum bigger than any I’ve witnessed ensued.  It was incredible – and quite something to witness for our fellow bus passengers!

Thankfully he eventually calmed down and we all enjoyed a fabulous afternoon walk along the Thames Path from London Bridge to Rotherhithe.  The weather was stunning and the walk really peaceful – Alex scooted along to his heart’s content and we all enjoyed watching the boats and Tower Bridge being raised.


I know I say this all the time – but I really love living in London.  It’s on unplanned walks like that that we always discover hidden gems – this time the brilliant little Brunel Museum, some delicious homemade cakes and cookies in a Rotherhithe cafe and the intriguing looking Rotherhithe Picture Research Library.


We’ve been making the most of our membership at the Horniman Museum (or the “Fish Museum” as Alex calls it).  Sophie is finally fascinated in the aquarium there, so we can quite easily while away an hour checking out the fish.

Camera Roll-1028

And our Sunday afternoon activity of choice is a bear hunt around Dulwich Woods – last week we even managed a long walk there without Alex asking to be carried once.  Quite an achievement!

Here he is trying some tree climbing with Daddy

Right – having taken about two weeks to finish this post, I shall publish it now – but expect another soon as I have lots more pictures to share 🙂


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