Farms and fire engines

I knew when I returned to work I’d get behind with the blog 😦

Just time whilst my spaghetti is cooking for a quick picture post about what we’ve been up to…

We had a fabulous visit to Godstone Farm with our friends Kate and Mike and their gorgeous son, Thomas.    We love Godstone Farm – Alex adores the softplay (and he’s scarily big enough now to navigate through the entire structure on his own) and many play areas, and really enjoys seeing the animals.  He was very excited this trip about seeing a cow – and even more excited at the prospect of an ice cream (his emotions at the moment really are ruled by his stomach!).  Even Sophie got to play in the special baby area of the soft play which was great for her – usually she’s consigned to following Alex around in her buggy!

Here are the boys enjoying a tractor ride:

I just love this picture of Sophie having a go a driving a little truck – she’s growing up!

And here are the two toddlers concentraing hard on their driving.  They do take it very seriously!


Just as we were leaving, we discovered the massive adventure playground/sand pit – so we’re already planning another trip to the farm to spend more time there.  It’s just perfect for Alex.

When we got back to Herne Hill, Alex and I dashed down to the local school fair as I’d spotted an opportunity to explore a real fire engine. Alex was delighted to climb aboard and show a real fireman his engine coloured scooter:

On Sunday, we had a fairly quiet and local day – but the afternoon turned out to be glorious, so we popped over to the Horniman Museum to enjoy the sun in their gardens and to check out the aquarium.  Sophie loved watching the colourful tropical fish and Alex ran around like a crazy thing between all the tanks showing off his marine knowledge (he is an BBC Octonauts expert!).

In one of the interactive rooms in the museum, there was a bee hive which fascinated Alex – he made a vague attempt to count all the bees, but clearly gave up pretty quickly!

Since the weekend, it’s been pretty quiet for Family Agar.  Sophie’s getting very close to crawling – and suddenly at the weekend decided that she didn’t want me to feed her anymore, so she’s 100% on bottles now.  And I’m back on the bubbly!  Happy days (although I must admit I do miss my bedtime feeding snuggles with her – I wasn’t quite ready to stop!)

To close, here’s a quick video – I rarely remember to video the children (mostly because I hate hearing myself on film) – but on Monday I got a little bit of footage of them playing together (and Alex demanding more food as usual).  I should apologise for forgetting to turn my phone around so it recorded in landscape!

And a comedy picture to close – here is how I currently persuade Alex to eat a balanced meal (bizarrely, I struggle to get him to eat fish / meat etc – he’s great with veg and carbs!)

Camera Roll-987

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