Back to Blighty

We’ve had a busy weekend enjoying having my parents back in the UK – for good this time!  After nearly five years in Michigan, they are home to enjoy retirement!

And Alex has LOVED having them to say.  It’s been 6 months since my Dad was here, but despite Alex only seeing him on Skype since then, he recognised his grandpa and dragged him straight through to his playroom as soon as he arrived so he could play with the trains!

On their first day, partly to get them outside to avoid jetlag induced snoozing, we went on a lovely walk to Dulwich Village where we enjoyed ice cream and much scooting around the park

It was a gloriously sunny day, so Matt enjoyed some Sophie cuddles in the garden

With the weather turning on Sunday, we spent some time exploring Brixton and enjoying a delicious lunch at Franco Manca where Alex tried his hand at photography for the first time, capturing his grandparents, Sophie eating her sock (as usual) and grandpa hiding behind the pepper!  What do you think?  A future David Bailey?

Alex first photgraphy

We also spent a lot of time at the local park watching Alex scooting around and around – he’s clearly making up for lost time after all those months with the scooter gathering dust!

Yesterday and today, my parents have helped out with the children so much – letting me spend bits of time with each of them individually.  Quite a luxury!  It’s been such fun seeing both Alex and Sophie so comfortable with them – I know they are going to love having all their grandparents close by in the coming years!

Back to normal now though as my parents are up in the Midlands looking for a house to rent before touring the country to visit the rest of the family.  It’s back to the childminder tomorrow for Alex and Sophie – but judging by last week’s photographs from Jacqui, they’ll have a brilliant time!  With the gorgeous sunshine last week, they spent almost every minute outside, enjoying picnics with their friends (can you spot a nearly naked Alex?!):

Getting in some music practice:

And doing some exercise:

Thanks Jacqui for all the photos – they really brighten up my days at work!!

Must sign off and get ready for tomorrow.  But before I forget, Sophie learned to clap today – and she looks very pleased with herself each time she manages it.  Will have to try and video it!  Next thing for her is to start crawling – and she’s already pretty close.  Then it will truly be chaos!

Night night.

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