Family visits

Just time for a quick photo based post.  Sophie is eight months old today – it’s scaring me how quickly time is flying by with her!  She’ll be one before I know it, and then I imagine I’ll blink and suddenly Matt’ll be walking her down the aisle!

She’s doing really well at the moment.  She seems to be loving her days with Jacqui, our childminder, and is so happy all the time it almost shocks me when she cries!  She seems to find her big brother hilarious and is quite content sitting watching him a lot of the time (and he loves trying to make her laugh).

I’m quite alarmed at how close she is to being on the move (imagine the chaos then) – she looks like she might master crawling in a matter of days.  She can already make her way around a room very proficiently by rolling and shuffling around, and she’s getting really strong at sitting up on her own.  She doesn’t really look like a baby anymore 😦


She certainly seems to have enjoyed all our recent visitors.  On Saturday, Katharine came up for the weekend.  Alex loves his Auntie Katharine and seemed very proud to show off his scooting skills!  We all walked over to Dulwich Village (after a failed attempt to catch a bus to the Horniman) where we enjoyed some Italian ice cream and a wander around the park.  Alex does love his chocolate ice cream:

Back home with the weather a bit gloomy, we snuggled up and watched “Wreck it Ralph” – Alex’s current favourite movie.  Sophie enjoyed a snuggle:

and Matt and Alex came close to falling asleep together!

On Sunday, Matt and Alex headed off swimming as usual (this week successfully trying Alex out with a shark fin float which he loved).  We met them afterwards for a quick go on the Brockwell Park train:

Camera Roll-1000

We followed this with a trip to the Herne Hill Market to stock up on vast quantities of cake – ready for the arrival of my parents.  They’d been travelling around the country visiting family, and were back with us for a few days while they firm up their new place in Northamptonshire.  Here’s my dad with his granddaughter:


It’s going to be great for the children to see more of their Grandma and Grandpa now they are back in the UK.  And we’re off to visit Granddad in Crowthorne on Saturday which Alex is very excited about (in fact, he saw a cyclist in a yellow jersey on a book the other day, pointed at him and said “look it’s Granddad”!)

To close – here’s me and my girl (taken by Alex!)

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