Gruffalo hunt

After lots of bear hunt themed fun with Alex in the past week, we went on a Gruffalo hunt in Sydenham Hill Woods yesterday afternoon!  With Sophie in the backpack for the first time, we spent a fun hour exploring the woods looking for the snake’s log pile house, the fox’s underground house and the owl’s tree top house!

Camera Roll-979

I know I’ve said this before, but I love seeing the children thriving in the sunshine.  Alex is so happy being outside, getting nice and muddy and running around.  And I’m sure Sophie likes the wind in her crazy hair (and she certainly liked pulling mine from the comfort of her backpack)!  There were still pretty patches of bluebells in the woods, and everything looked so beautiful in the late afternoon sunshine.

It was the first time I’d been to the woods since Sophie was born, but I think we’ll be back quite a bit over the summer.


In other news, Alex remains obsessed with his scooter.  Today, for the first time, I ventured out with Sophie in her buggy and Alex scooting all the way down to Herne Hill.  And it went really well!  I didn’t have to carry Alex or the scooter at any point – so I consider that a major success.  And he spent the entire Hummy Mummies choir rehearsal this afternoon scooting round the room in circles.  Clearly the best present ever (thank you Michele!)

The scooter had a bit of a face lift yesterday at the Herne Hill market.  Amidst the gourmet food and yummy cake stalls was a youth group decorating bikes and scooters with spray paint!  Now we’re out and about much more with the scooter, we’ve seen that nearly every toddler in SE24 has the same one as Alex.  So to help us identify it, and not lose it, Alex selected a paint job for it!  It now resembles Fireman Sam’s engine (i.e it’s red and yellow) and has a very bling ALEX written in gold on the foot board!  Am slightly embarrassed by it – but Alex LOVES it!!

I’ve been quite a prolific blogger this past week – but back to work tomorrow, so don’t expect so many regular posts from now on (unless you fancy thrilling updates from the world of  my office!).  Hopefully I’ll post next week on the return of my parents to the UK for good.  My dad hasn’t seen Sophie since she was 4 weeks old, so I’m looking forward to seeing his face on Saturday when he arrives to see his granddaughter!

In the meantime, here’s Alex having a huge amount of fun with a cardboard box


And Sophie looking cute in some new Summer clothes!

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