My water baby

Sophie and I have just finished a ten-week baby swimming course.  Matt did the same programme with Alex on a Saturday morning when he was about six months old, but this time round, I’ve taken her myself on a Wednesday afternoon.  She’s been brilliant in the water – often being the baby the tutor uses to demonstrate various submerges.  She’s been dunked under water since week one, and seems pretty at home beneath the surface (which seems appropriate given Matt and I met scuba diving!).  I must admit, it feels pretty wrong pushing your tiny baby under water, but if you’re going to do it, it’s probably best whilst they still have their natural reflex to hold their breath!

Last week, the tutor took some underwater photographs, so here are a few snaps of my daughter and her crazy hair:

Water baby


Water baby

and us on the surface together:

wed 016

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