Birthday kisses for Matilda Mae

Today I am thinking of another family.

I’ve been blogging for nearly three years about my family, but only very recently discovered that there is an huge community of family bloggers across the country (and indeed the world).  A chance comment by someone I follow on Twitter a few months ago introduced me to this community through the tragic story of Matilda Mae – a beautiful 9 month old girl who fell asleep and never woke up.  Today should have been her first birthday.

Since learning of Matilda Mae, I, like thousands of others, have followed the incredibly moving story written so bravely by her mother, Jennie on her Edspire blog.  I have cried and smiled and looked at my own children differently as a result of her story – not least because I too have a beautiful, smiley baby daughter (who seems to share much of Matilda Mae’s taste in clothes!) and a train and tractor mad two year old boy.  And I have been inspired by what a strong mummy Jennie is (like many others, I have introduced a tuff spot and messy play to my toddler, much to his joy!).

So today, I am thinking of Jennie, David and their gorgeous twins and sending them my love.  And this sunny lunchtime, Sophie, who is dressed in pink and purple today, and I are sending bubble kisses to Matilda Mae.


Tonight, Matt and I will make a donation to The Lullaby Trust who provide specialist support for bereaved families and promotes expert advice on safer baby sleep.


2 thoughts on “Birthday kisses for Matilda Mae

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