Big day

Just a quick post as today was a day of milestones for family Agar.  Sophie spent her very first few hours with our childminder this morning, enabling me to spend some time with Alex on his own.  I felt super nervous about leaving her, even though she sees Jacqui every day and is a very happy and easy baby. I needn’t have worried – she slept, fed and smiled her way through the three hours away. 🙂  Feeling a lot less worried about returning to work now.

So what did Alex and I do with our morning?  We headed off to the local children’s centre for his 2.5 year developmental check with the community nurse.  I was super proud when, after hearing him chat for a couple of minutes, the nurse decided to do the 3 – 3.5 year old check with him.  And he aced it!

He managed all the puzzles, drawing (circles and lines), physical challenges (jumping, catching and hopping), conversation, counting and problem solving brilliantly.  The only things he couldn’t do were draw an “X” shape and build a bridge from duplo – but the nurse said she wouldn’t expect that from a 2.5 year old.  Feel a very proud mummy this evening!

She weighed Alex, finding him still in the 91st centile (which he’s been in since he was 6 months old).  His height has him in the 50th centile – I fear he may have my height genes and not Matt’s.  Oh dear!

We celebrated his success with a trip to a local cafe for a little cake and juice, before heading to Alex’s very first dentists appointment (perhaps not the best preparation!).  Alex got a bit cranky in the waiting room, so we spent the time taking self portraits on my iPhone.  Still got to work on his smile – enhanced here with some dribble:

Camera Roll-1395

Sadly, Alex decided he’d performed enough this morning, and when we got into the dentist’s chair, he refused to open his mouth!  Apparently this is normal for toddler’s dentist appointments, so we just need to go back and try again in 6 months!

We headed back to Jacqui’s where I swapped children, leaving Alex to play with his friends for the afternoon and taking Sophie home for some cuddles.  She had a play on her new door bouncer which I think she liked:

Camera Roll-1397

We headed into Dulwich Village for a walk and to check out the new branch of Gail’s cake and bread shop which opened there today.  I walked away with a bag of bread and cakes – and a free cookie to celebrate opening day.  All I can say is thank goodness my maternity leave is ending soon – otherwise I’d be the size of a house.

It’s been a busy day – but great fun.  I’m hoping to have a morning a week with Alex for the next few weeks to give Sophie some settling in time and me some time with my boy 🙂  Happy days.

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