Springtime fun

What an awesome week! Sophie’s sleep regression continues, but we’ve had such a nice few days in the sunshine that I’m not minding it too much!

Last week, Sophie and I had a busy few days whilst Alex was with Jacqui.  We sadly had our final photography class.  I’ve loved every minute of the classes and would highly recommend them to anyone in the area – it’s been such a pleasure to learn something new, to finally get to grips with my camera settings and to focus a lot of attention on Alex and Sophie while I do my homework!  I managed to get a lovely shot for my final homework – wrapping Sophie up in my scarf, I got this picture which I was really pleased with:


Makes her eyes look even more lovely 🙂  The best result from the photography course is that it’s inspiring me to take the decent camera out and about with us, so I hope you notice the quality of picture on the blog improve!

Last week, we also enjoyed another swimming lesson, survived Sophie’s four month innoculations and had a great trip up to London to have a pub lunch with a work colleague of mine.

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of a visit from an NCT friend, Bryony, and her family.  Whilst Bry and I enjoyed a rare girly only lunch out, we left the dads in charge of the children! Alex had a brilliant time playing in the garden with his friends Freddie and Jake.  Here they are making “gruffalo pies” with mud:

Our poor bird bath is now completely full of dirt!  Not that the birds were that interested in it anyway…

After that hard work. they boys enjoyed a well earned cookie – which they closely inspected before consuming:

We then spent a fabulous hour down in our local park, Sunray Gardens, feeding the ducks and geese and enjoying the playground.  The boys had so much fun it was tough dragging them home again!  They had a go on grown up swings:

And even attempted some tree climbing:

For those of you who are photo mad, here are all our snaps from the trip:

Sunday was a lovely sunny day with a real feel of Spring in the air.  I took the children down to the Herne Hill farmers market to stock up on bread, cheese and popcorn (yes, there’s a stunning popcorn supplier – perhaps not from a farm though!).  Alex managed to consume vast quanities of cheese and apple samples, and I enjoyed some delicious dumplings.  Mmmmm.

The afternoon was fun-packed with a playdate with the Hainsworths and a successful family evening meal.  We’re trying to eat more meals with Alex – so he helped me cook up a vat of bolognaise which we enjoyed together.  Here he is busy chopping mushrooms:

Camera Roll-1351

Monday had the potential for being a rubbish day as I managed to lock us out of our house as I was leaving in a rush with the children!  This resulted in an unplanned trip up into central London to meet Matt.  But Alex, of course, loved the train journey and the opportunity to see his daddy on a work day!

Here he is ready to go into Hummy Mummies rehearsal, once more sharing his ridiculous camera smile:

Camera Roll-1352

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