Shooting Sophie

Not literally of course!  Last week was the penultimate photography class, and we moved on to considering composition more and playing around with props/texture.

So here are a couple of delightfully cheesy snaps of Sophie posing with some cute props the tutor brought to mark her turning 4 months old today:


and just to give you a taste of the class set up – here’s a wider shot of the room with us all posing our babies, with Sophie looking very pleased with herself on her tummy!

This week’s homework is to try and take some creative shots, but I’m running out of time.  The weather is dark and gloomy so the light is rubbish, and the one time we went out to somewhere with interesting shapes (Tate Modern and the South Bank) I forgot to take the SLR – whoops!  Got a selection of textured materials out and plan to see if I can get some shops of Sophie when she wakes from her next nap.  Will post them later (if they are any good!).

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