Capturing Alex

So, with the weather suddenly sunny and Spring-like, I spent some time in our local park with Alex this weekend trying to do my photography homework!  As I mentioned last post, we were trying to capture motion using shutter speed settings – aiming to photograph a moving object frozen in motion, a moving object captured with motion blur, and if possible a moving object captured sharp with a blurry background…

It was a lot of fun trying to do it – although my results aren’t that good.  But, for the record, here are my attempts!

1. A moving object frozen in motion:

And another attempt:

2. A moving object captured with motion blur (poor Alex, I kept spinning him to try and get a good shot – and he looked a bit green by the end!)

3. A moving object captured sharp with a blurry background (this is the slowest slide ever, so it was tricky to get much blur!)

Let’s hope the sunshine continues so we can get out and about a bit more and I can keep improving!  It’s been a fabulous weekend – with lots of family visitors.  The house is feeling quite quiet this evening!  Will post about that this week, but now it’s time to sleep!  I shall leave you with a cute Sophie picture:

Camera Roll-1313

And a proud Alex after a monster Valentine’s Day card making session:

Proud of his cards

Good night all!

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