Photography for parents

So, I mentioned that I’ve started a photography course for parents in my last post.  This is a fabulous concept – a weekday class for parents with pre-mobile babies which aims to teach them how to take great photos of their children.  We have a posh digital SLR camera but I have absolutely no idea how to use it properly, sticking to the automatic settings most of the time – so I’ve signed up to learn how.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a creative photographic genius, but I think the class is going to give me so much more confidence at experimenting, and loads of new techniques to try as well as tips for getting the best results when photographing Alex and Sophie.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun – and such a treat to take a class where babies are welcome but that focuses on grown ups!  I’m enjoying spending lots of time really looking at Sophie – sounds silly to say that, but when you’re staring through the lens, you notice more and take more in I think.  She’s such a cutie!

Each week, we’re focusing on a different topic – starting with light and composition.  So for the first time I really thought about how to position Sophie (and myself with the camera) to bring out the light in her eyes.  And here’s my homework:


Last week, we covered aperature settings and practiced playing with depth of field.  My homework was a bit rubbish as the light was terrible – it’s been such a dark and gloomy week!  But I was attempting to get different things in focus.  For the record, here are a couple of shots:




Today was all about shutter speed – and we spent most of the class standing on the pavement outside the building trying to photograph passing cars.  It must have been a very odd sight – seven mums and buggies photographing a busy road in East Dulwich!  Will share my homework if I manage to get some funky blurry shots of Alex this weekend!!  Don’t think you need to see the local traffic photographs…

More photos soon…

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