Visitors galore

We’ve had a lovely week enjoying lots of visitors – so Alex and Sophie are happy after so many extra cuddles!

Last weekend, my Auntie Elaine stopped in for a flying visit after a last minute trip to the UK to see her dad.  Having not been in the UK for ages, it was the first time Elaine had met Sophie.  Here are the ladies:

And here’s Elaine is trying to tempt Sophie to try a brussel sprout!

Am sad to see Sophie wasn’t that interested in my favourite vegetable! Elaine enjoyed lots of baby cuddles, and Alex loved having one of his favourite books – Hairy Maclary – read to him in her fabulous Scottish accent.

David and Sarah joined us for the day on Sunday and we enjoyed a vast roast lunch, cakes from the Herne Hill farmers’ market, and a lovely wander down to our local park where Alex enjoyed feeding the ducks with his Auntie and Uncle (or is that being fed to the ducks…):

It was a really lovely day – great for Alex and Sophie to spend time with family – the only sad thing was that my dad couldn’t make it as he’d stayed up in Scotland with his dad for a couple of days longer.

More visitors arrived at the end of this week with Auntie Katharine dropping by for a short visit during her half term. Alex remembered that she’d helped him decorate the Christmas tree back in December, and spent yesterday evening asking her where the tree was and where his presents were!  My school friend Marie joined us today with her little boy Harry – and we had a lovely lunch with our babies catching up on a few months of gossip and news.  Here’s Marie with Harry and Katharine with Sophie:


I love having people to visit – anyone else fancy popping in?

What else have we been up to this week?!  Sophie and I have had some lovely days.  We went to a baby concert on Tuesday – a classical performance during the day for parents and their babies/toddlers.  She seemed to enjoy the violin and cello music, and I loved watching the older toddlers dancing up at the front – very cute!

Camera Roll-1328

We also started baby swimming lessons this week which was brilliant.  Sophie was fab, not crying at all when she was submerged and seeming to really enjoy being in the lovely warm water.

Alex has had a slightly less fun week after getting an eye infection (trying to get eye drops in the eyes of a wriggly 2 year old has been quite a challenge) – but he’s still been out and about, enjoying a trip to the brilliant Horniman Museum.  Here he is with a couple of his friends:

Camera Roll-1330

Monkey captions please…

And this morning he was at the Carnegie Library story time where the featured story was his very favourite – The Bear Hunt.  Here’s super keen Alex up front:

Camera Roll-1333

All in all a top week.  And a fun weekend ahead with a trip to Tate Modern planned for tomorrow and a first trip to the theatre for Alex on Sunday.  More soon – plus the latest photography lesson snaps!

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