Easter weekend

Just a quick post this morning to say we’ve had a lovely long Easter weekend getting settled in our new home.  I got a bit concerned we weren’t going to fit into our posh new street when Alex arrived home from his childminder last week with a tattoo!!

My first tattoo!

But thankfully it’s beginning to fade so I don’t think we’ll be shunned by the neighbours – phew!!

We’ve had a fun four days together over the long weekend, with our very first house guest trying out the spare room.  Katharine came up from Southampton for a couple of days – she took Alex to a music class on Good Friday, before a big family pub lunch and game of table football.  Alex got a bit excited by the football, opting to play all the balls at one time.  We were still rubbish at scoring, despite having 10 balls on the table to choose from!

Table football at The Florence

We also spend a fun few hours at Godstone Farm in Surrey on Saturday, where Alex petted rabbits and guinea pigs, saw baby chicks and lambs and had brilliant fun in the giant soft play.  He even managed to navigate through the older children’s area, to go on the huge slides with his daddy.

On Easter Sunday, Matt’s dad came up for lunch and a house tour – I attempted to cook a big roast in our new oven, which turns out to be quite ridiculously hot.  Must dig out the manual as I’m cremating most things I attempt to cook – whooops!  We spent lots of time on Sunday in the local parks as Alex was going a bit stir crazy indoors – here he is running around Ruskin Park:

Camera Roll-838

Monday was gloomy and wet, but we had lots of fun with a visit from the Hainsworth family.  Alex and Henry enjoyed playing together in the new playroom, and Alex attempted to join Matt and Phoebe in a game of Princess Snap – not sure Phoebe was very impressed with Alex slamming his hands down on the cards with every play!

Playing snap with Phoebe and daddy

After naptime, and with no friends in the house to play with, Alex got a bit grumpy – so we braved the drizzle and headed down to North Dulwich station so he could partake in his favourite hobby – trainspotting:

Train spotting at North Dulwich

Not my usual bank holiday Monday activity – and I must admit, Matt and I were longing for the sofa and a movie after 10 minutes of standing in the cold waiting for trains!

Things are back to normal now – Matt’s back at work and Alex is at his childminder.  I’m making the most of a bonus College closure day (best thing about working in a university) and am heading up to the Queen’s Gallery to check out an exhibition of photography from Scott and Shackleton’s Antarctic expeditions – exciting!

More soon – and perhaps some photos of the new house 🙂

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