What happened to March?

After apologising in February for being the worst blogger ever, I’ve just realised that I didn’t post at all in March!  It’s been a fairly frantic month though with work craziness and moving house – but more on the latter in another post (and none of the former as that’s dull!).

What has Family Agar been up to for the past week weeks?!

March opened with a trip over to this side of the pond for my parents which was great fun.  Despite not visiting since November, we’ve seen them on Skype ever week – and it was a lovely surprise to find that Alex knew exactly who they were when they turned up at our door!  He even has a name for his Grandma – he seems to call her “babaar”.   Not entirely sure why he chose that, but it’s very cute and I’m sure tickled my mum!

We had a lovely few days with them, including a big Sunday lunch with my brother and sister-in-law – a Michael family reunion!  Shame Alex was on hyper form and wouldn’t sit still in the pub!  Mum joined us at Gymboree and Dad took Alex off to play football in the park.  Sadly I seemed to take no photographs at all of the visit (sorry about that) – but we all had a lovely time, and it rushed by.  Mum’s back in May for a longer trip, including some babysitting for the first time (!) so that will be fun – and of course, we have our weekly Skype chats and peekaboo games!!

In mid March, luckily coinciding with some gorgeous weather, we headed down for a weekend in the New Forest with Katharine.  When not trying to chase Katharine’s cat, Max, Alex enjoyed a lovely trip to Lepe Beach where he discovered the joy of throwing stones into the sea!  Here he is with Katharine – who is restraining him running right into the waves!:

Camera Roll-803

After playing on the beach, Alex helped Matt with his ice cream (much to Matt’s distress, it turns out that Alex enjoyed it very much and didn’t do very well at sharing it!).

Camera Roll-808

We also visited a petting farm, great country pub and fabulous softplay – and even found time for a lazy Sunday morning enjoying warm sunshine in some open land deep in the forest. Heaven!

Camera Roll-811

Other highlights last month including the first Hummy Mummies concert – Alex and I spend our Monday afternoon’s at a choir for mum’s and tots which is a complete blast!  I get to sing in a choir (although am finding singing pop songs is quite a contrast to my usual choral repertoire!) and Alex gets to run wild with loads of other children and toys!  We did a little concert in a gorgeous local church for the daddies and children – and here it is on film.  You might enjoy Alex’s many stage invasions!

(if you’re really interested, there’s a nice piece about Hummy Mummies on p65 of Living South magazine, featuring a pic of Alex and I – http://www.hummymummies.com/2012/03/living-south-magazine/)

Those are the highlights of the month – apart from that, we’ve been enjoying the sunshine by spending as much time as possible outside – in parks and at the station looking at trains!  We also made a lovely trip back to Berkshire for Sunday lunch with Matt’s parents – stopping in at The Lookout for a runaround:

Camera Roll-824

To close – here’s Alex with his “friend” Martha at his childminder!

Camera Roll-823

And their cheeky smiles after their little kiss!

Camera Roll-822

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