Fun in February

I’ve been a completely useless blogger this month – sorry everyone.  It’s been a manic few weeks of work for Matt and I, and I must admit that I’ve been using every free minute to try and get on top of things (not very successfully).

But let me spend a few minutes this Saturday night trying to remember what we’ve been up to for the past three weeks.  It’s mostly been quiet for us all, with Alex enjoying his days with his childminder, and us staying pretty local at the weekends.  We had a fabulous trip up to Tate Modern with some friends and their children, enjoying lunch up in the members room.  Despite the fact it was freezing, the children all loved running around on the roof terrace – the grown ups didn’t enjoy supervising them in the bitter cold!  Here are all the children (plus our friend John) – note, Alex refusing to pose like everyone else!

Camera Roll-782

As the weather has been so cold, we’ve spent lots of time going swimming up at Crystal Palace which Alex adores!  He was joined by his cousins Jessica and Max last weekend which was a nice treat which I hope we can repeat soon.  And most weekends this month, Matt’s taken Alex for a few hours to give me some time off 🙂  Luxury for me and fun for Matt (I think!) – they usually pop to music class or Brixton soft play together, but today since the weather was so warm and sunny, they spent the day in Dulwich and Brockwell Parks playing football with some other dads and their toddlers!  Here’s Alex having fun at Brixton softplay:

Camera Roll-792

Last weekend we had a visit from Katharine – so we spent a fun afternoon with her at the Horniman Museum.  Alex spent most of the time running at speed around the aquarium there, mostly ignoring the fish!  We enjoyed cake in the cafe 🙂

In non-Alex news, Matt and I have had a couple of days of this month to visit the Olympic Park.  We were lucky enough to get tickets to some of the London Prepares events – the track cycling world cup in the new velodrome and the diving world cup in the aquatic centre.  It was such a treat to get a first glimpse of the incredible venues and to see some professional sport.  It’s made me even more excited about the 2012 Olympics – not long now!

Not much more news I’m afraid.  To close, a couple of comedy photographs.  Alex trying out a new television viewing position:

Camera Roll-795

And here’s our favourite picture so far this month – Alex and his favourite fruit:

Camera Roll-785

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