Autumn days

Just found this in my drafts – obviously forgot to post it last weekend.  So here’s a very late update – with more to follow tomorrow hopefully!

* * * * * *

Sorry we haven’t posted for a while – it’s been a quiet couple of weeks.  Alex has his MMR injection, and another couple of jabs at the end of October and has been a bit grumpy for the past few days.  But thankfully he seems back to his jolly self today and we’ve had a wonderful family Saturday together.

Just thought I’d share a few quick pics from the last fortnight.  Here’s Alex in a comedy hat chatting to his friend Freddie in Brockwell Park:

Alex and Freddie

We survived the clocks changing without too much early morning trauma and we’re all enjoying the Autumn.  Alex likes ripping the leaves apart and trying to eat them, and today had his first experience of running around and kicking all the fallen leaves.  Here’s a blurry pic of him stamping on the leaves:

Kicking the Autumn leaves

We’ve been out at a local fireworks display this evening.  Alex was allowed to stay up a little bit later to see his first proper display, and I think he was impressed.  He wasn’t sure at the start, but seemed to enjoy it – and certainly clapped a lot at the end of the show!  He’s sleeping now and I’m keeping everything crossed that the many other local shows don’t wake him up!  Here he is all wrapped up and ready to go this evening (and yes, I’m still trying to get him to wear the silly hat – without much success!)

Ready for fireworks

Matt enjoyed 24 hours in sole charge of Alex last week as I popped down to Southampton to visit Katharine and see Sweeney Todd at the Chichester Festival.  Was a fabulous break packed with chatting and much fun – although I wasn’t able to make the most of a potential lie in as I was on a 7am train back to London to make it in for work the following day!

In other non-Alex related news, our potential housemove is progressing.  We’ve accepted an offer on our house, and excitingly have had an offer accepted on the house we fell in love with in Herne Hill.  Surveys are taking place next week – so keep everything crossed our buyers don’t pull out!  Still to nervous to post photographs, but when it’s looking more likely, I’ll share some…

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