Back to our Rootes

Agar family outside RootesJust a quick post as I have to mention that on the way home from North Wales, and before stopping in on our friend Tracy for dinner and bathtime (thanks!), we did a whistle stop tour of the University of Warwick campus.  For those of you who don’t know, Matt and I both studied at Warwick in the 1990s and met in the sub aqua club in my final year – so it was a bit of a trip down memory lane for both of us!  I hadn’t been back for a decade, so it was quite a shock to see how much things had changed!

Not everything had though, and here’s our little family posing in front of Rootes – the accommodation we both lived in in our first year in 1996.

Much of the campus artwork is still in place, including the TOIL sign oustide our halls:

Alex and I by Rootes

But the Union is completely different, so we enjoyed exploring the new building.  I must admit, I found it really rather surreal wandering around the Union with a pushchair – it didn’t feel quite right!!  Here’s Alex and Matt having a look around:

Matt and Alex in the Union

Loving the bright colours (and high ceilings) in the new space:

My boys in the Union

It was such a good feeling being back on campus – really reminding me of the fun I had and the great friends I made.  I felt really quite nostalgic and a little bit jealous of the current students we saw everywhere.

Just to close, and really for my Warwick mates, here’s Matt and I at Benefactors remembering the WUSAC cocktail party!

Matt and Pamela at Benefactors - scene of infamous WUSAC cocktail party...

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