90th birthday celebrations

Just in case Alex turning one wasn’t exciting enough, we had a much bigger birthday to celebrate last week.  My Great Aunt Jean turned 90!  As we had done a decade ago to mark her 80th, the family gathered in beautiful Criccieth, North Wales.  But this time, we managed to gather absolutely everyone – my American aunt and cousins flew over, and all the Scottish family travelled South – so my dad’s complete living maternal family.  Sad his mother wasn’t alive to be part of it – she’d have enjoyed the party!

Here’s the entire clan:

The complete Williams/Michael clan

I still find it hard to believe that we literally had the entire part of my family tree in one room together. Fingers crossed we can do it again for her 100th!  I’m so happy Alex was there to be part of it, even though he won’t remember – particularly since my Great Aunt commented to me a couple of years ago that she was sad she was unlikely to get to meet my children!  Here are four generations of the family together:

Four generations

It was a fabulous weekend – the weather was sunny and mild, and with Criccieth in such a stunning coastal location, we took the opportunity to let Alex play at the beach.  He ate a lot of sand:


Here are all the pictures from North Wales:

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