First birthday party

This will be brief as I’m getting a tad out of date with the blog and need to catch up.  It’s been a very busy couple of weeks – the highlight being our NCT class first birthday party!  Alex is the oldest of the seven boys born to the NCT group we attended in the build up to his birth (we have a ready made Rugby Sevens team!).  Gradually the gang have turned one, and we decided to mark the occasion by having a joint party.

We hired the community centre in Dulwich Park for an afternoon, filled it with balloons, bubbles (both adult and child varieties!) and many toys – and had a fabulous afternoon celebrating.  Sadly, one of Alex’s little friends, Freddie, was sick on party day, so we ended up with six of the seven which was such a shame – fingers crossed we all make it for their second birthday!

Helen (Angus’s mum) made a stunning birthday cake which Alex very much enjoyed (having a tantrum when I wouldn’t let him eat much of it!) – she managed to squeeze on all the names – Alex, Milo, Max, Angus, Freddie, Arlo and Ralph!

Helen's fabulous (and delicious!) cake

We, of course, did the obligatory baby line up – here they are all sitting beautifully:


Alex spent most of the party running around with his trolley, obviously loving the fact he had a massive room with minimal furniture to get in the way:


It was a lovely, if exhausting, afternoon – made all the more special by having my mum and Auntie there too!  Just in case you haven’t already spotted them on Twitter, here’s the full set of pics we took of the big day:

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