I’ve been a very bad blogger and not posted anything for a couple of weeks – sorry about that!  I blame the excessive Autumn heat turning my brain to mush!

We’ve had a good couple of weeks since his birthday.  It’s been fairly quiet, which has been nice considering how stunning the weather has been – leaving plenty of time for lounging in the local park or our garden 🙂  My mum is visiting from the USA, so we had a fun couple of days with her last weekend.  Alex seemed to remember her from her last visit which was great.

This weekend it’s been outrageously hot, so we’ve enjoyed donning our shorts again!  We’ve had lots of fun with our friends Catherine and Charlie, and their children Phoebe and Henry, this weekend – firstly breakfast at the Brockwell Park Lido Cafe, and later a lazy and rather yummy bbq in our garden followed by a trip to the swings.  I think the weather will turn more seasonal in a couple of days, but it’s been really quite enjoyable – if a little surreal – playing in the park with Alex in the evening in temperatures that could be August, as the sun is setting early with autumn leaves on the ground.

Here’s Alex this afternoon having fun in the park this afternoon:


And listening carefully to his friend Phoebe as she pushes him around the local park!


And finally, here’s Alex exploring the park early yeterday evening looking rather naughty:

Camera Roll-705

Probably the most exciting thing that’s happened in the last few days is that we’ve put our house on the market!  We’ve found a gorgeous house in a lovely road nearby that we have our eyes on – if we can find someone to buy this place!  The thought of having to keep the house spotless and tidy is filling me with horror – within minutes of entering a room, Alex has usually trashed it!  So here’s hoping for a quick sale!  Keep your fingers crossed.

Right – time to bed for me, I shall close this post with a little video of alex showing off his new ability to do high fives”…

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