All quiet

Alex in his buggyIt’s been a much quieter week in the Agar household. It took Alex a few days to get back into routine after the Manchester trip, but thankfully he’s beginning to sleep a bit better, only waking once last night between 7.30pm and 7am which was quite a treat! We’ve spent our days doing our usual activities – power pramming, long walks (including an excitingly sunny walk where I just wore a tshirt – here comes Spring!) and lunch with my NCT buddies.

Alex enjoyed an afternoon hanging out with his daddy whilst I popped into work for a meeting about my return (5 April – yikes, it’s coming quickly!). And we had a fun visit from Auntie Katharine at the weekend. We all visited Borough Market – such a great place to take Alex as there’s so much to see, although I do regularly feel bad as I used to tut people who took prams to the market on a Saturday!

Alex is currently perfecting his raspberry blowing (which he often does when eating, spraying me with swedes and courgettes – nice!). And his rolling over is getting much more proficient, with occasional success at rolling back at last. He’s starting to make crawling attempts when he’s on his tummy. I suspect he’s a long way off mastering that, but it’s fun to watch him begin to learn how.

Alex on his tummyScariest development is the appearance of a little bit of tooth – he’s been teething lots over the past couple of weeks, and his very first bottom tooth is just beginning to break through. I still can’t quite believe it – he’s growing so quickly!

And the biggest challenge at the moment is his complete refusal to take a bottle or cup. He starts settling in with our new childminder in less than 3 weeks, so he’s going to get quite a shock when he suddenly finds he has no access to me! At least he’s almost 6 months old now, when breastfeeding becomes less important and food takes priority.

Coming soon…. Alex’s first swimming lesson!

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