Celebrating six weeks

So, everyone told me that once Alex reached six weeks, things would start getting easier – so we woke up optimistically on the big day!  And we were delighted to find Alex in a very cute mood – so we took the opportunity to take some decent photographs of him.  Hopefully you’ve spotted them on Flickr already, but here’s one that makes me smile:

All the photos we took that day are on Flickr.

Later that day, Katharine came up to visit and we celebrated Alex turning 6 weeks with a stunning lunch at Dulwich Picture Gallery complete with my first glass of wine in weeks 🙂  On the way home, we popped into the local off license for some supplies (!) and I spotted that the light was gorgeous and Alex looked particularly thoughtful – so we snapped our favourite picture of him so far.  Hope you like it too:

As it turned out, Alex screamed all evening that day – so it wasn’t quite the transformation we’d hoped for. We’ve since been told that they get easier after three months – so that’s the next milestone to look forward to!!

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