Worst blogger ever

Alex this weekWell – I’ll start this post with a big apology to my friends and family waiting for Alex updates.  I’ve been the worst blogger ever – which is ironic given my job is running a digital media team!  My main excuse is Alex’s refusal to nap properly, particularly in his first three months.  The only way he’d sleep for any length of time was to go out in the pram/car.  Plus he was pretty bad at sleeping in the evenings – which made blogging nearly impossible.  But after some hard work over Christmas at sleep training, involving a lot of tears, Alex now manages pretty regularly 45 min naps during the day, and now sleeps from 7.30pm for the entire evening (although sadly not through the night!) – so i’m getting my life back at last!

So I promise to try and blog properly about what we’re up to from now on 🙂

I hope you’ve been following the photographs on Flickr (you can see them on the right hand side of the blog homepage!).  We’ve at least remembered to take pictures daily.  And Alex is certainly growing quickly – he’s still a pretty big baby, in the 75th percentile for weight and about 91st percentile for height (would expect nothing less for an Agar!).

Big news this week is that he started rolling over!  Only in one direction, and he can’t yet roll back – but it’s fun watching him get more mobile.  I’m starting to look around the house and think about all the things I’m going to remove before he starts crawling!

He’s a pretty serious little man – preferring to stare at things taking them in rather than smiling, but he is developing a very cute little giggle.  He particularly likes being naked (!), being tickled and being sung to – all sure fire ways of getting a grin.  Check out this little video of his new chuckle:

More from me soon about what else we’ve been doing, including trying solid food for the first time (not a great success yet), music classes, first fireworks and hanging out with his little friends!

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