Catch up

Well, it appears that keeping up with Alex’s wants and needs has meant weekly blogging wasn’t quite possible in the first few weeks – so sorry for our silence! I will endeavour to post updates more regularly. But first, let’s catch up on the last few weeks…

Luckily, Matt’s return to work coincided with the arrival of my parents so I still had plenty of support – and Alex had an unlimited supply of cuddles!

Highlights of the first few weeks include:

  • Our huge number of lovely visitors and incredibly generous gifts – Alex met his grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and plenty of new friends.  And he received so many presents – thanks to everyone!
  • Our first trip on a train as we ventured into London for the very first time – booking Matt for a lunchtime meeting.
  • Hanging out with our NCT friends – and their new babies!  All seven babies have now been born – and they are all boys!  We have a Herne Hill 7-a-side rugby team in the making.  A weekly sighting at the Brockwell Park lido is our NCT lunch at the gridlock caused by seven prams for seven babies!
  • Starting a bathtime routine – Alex now enjoys an evening bath with his daddy followed by an almond oil massage with his mummy!  All in an attempt to chill him out so he falls asleep for the night easily!  Most of the time it doesn’t work – but it’s still a really nice routine to have.
  • Alex growing ridiculously fast – he grew out of his newborn clothes so quickly and is by far the biggest baby in our NCT group.  His first weigh-in with the health visitor saw him climb from ‘just average’ into the 75th percentile in terms of baby weight – the NHS’ polite description is that he’s “thriving” 🙂
  • Registering Alex’s birth – so he’s officially Alexander John Cameron Agar.  John – after Matt’s late uncle on his mother’s side and Cameron – my mother’s maiden name.  Alex managed not to cry in the Lambeth Registry Office – and didn’t get too overwhelmed by the bustle and noise of Brixton.
  • Discovering the wonder that is white noise.  We have a fantastic white noise feature on our phones which has proved completely invaluable.  When we can’t get Alex to settle or sleep, we can select any number of noises – from hoovers to hair dryers – and most of the time, Alex completely relaxes and dozes off.

So that takes us up to about 6 weeks.  Promise to post more frequently from now onwards!

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