The Summer of 2018 in photos

I’ve had this post in draft for ages as I’ve been editing and sorting photographs for weeks.  I focused so many blog posts talking about our big summer trips, I didn’t post all the smaller things we got up to. It feels a bit daft posting a load of summer photographs as Christmas is looming – but I don’t want to forget about all these lovely memories, and it’s quite nice to remember what it was likely to feel warm after an extremely chilly cycle home from work tonight!

So… back in July, we were deep in the end of term craziness at school.  The kids are at a really community focused school and each summer all the children create costumes and props and process in a carnival around the neighbourhood.  This year, Sophie was a pirate and Alex was an alien.  They were so proud to walk with their classmates and I love seeing the entire school out on show.

Of course there as also sports day – just had to share this fabulous shot (taken by another parent) of my sporty girl.  So strong and so smiley!

We had a great time at the Lambeth Country Show which is always a highlight of our summer calendar.

We visited Greenwich and explored the planetarium and Greenwich Meridian on a blisteringly hot day – look how dry the grass in the park was:

And we cooled off at the ice rink on our first trip as a family – the children had so much fun on the ice and celebrated not falling over too many times with pizza (Sophie is extremely excited that the chef gave her bunny rabbit ears!)

We spent lots of time enjoying the company of family and friends.  Here we are enjoying dinner overlooking Tower Bridge with my parents and our Calgary family who visited us in late July.

And a full post-dinner selfie!

We visited Kew Gardens with friends, spending most of the time in the shade on one of the hottest days of the year!  Alex and Sophie had a great time catching up with their friend Sasha:

We escaped the city for our annual camping weekend with NCT friends.  Our numbers were a bit thin on the ground and the weather almost too hot for sleeping under canvas, but it was still as fun as normal to spend time with the gang.

We spent much of the weekend on the campsite, playing football, eating vast quantities of Rob’s brilliant grilled food, watching the football world cup from the local beer garden and talking.

But we also went on one excursion in search of some water to splash in to cool off a little.  We perhaps went a little extreme, by chance ending up in a stream known for its freezing cold water!  Apparently its ecology is fascinating – but it was a little too cold for us!  The children attempted to splash around, but didn’t last very long!  Sophie and Aria were so brave sitting down – I could barely hold a toe in!

Back in London, Katharine and Emilia visited and we spent a lovely afternoon exploring Morden Hall Park together.

And we had the huge pleasure of visiting Katharine and Emilia in the New Forest to celebrate Katharine’s 40th.  She’d picked a gorgeous spot on the Solent overlooking the Isle of Wight for a big family bbq.

The children had so much fun climbing trees together getting scarily high!


Sophie and Emilia did some crafting while lunch was prepared:

And things got a bit more violent when the piñata appeared!

Probably my favourite photo of the day are these three crazy girls after they’d been playing slightly surreal game involving catching velcro balls with their heads.

It was such a pleasure celebrating with Katharine after over 20 years of friendship!

And an even bigger pleasure seeing our girls forming a similarly strong bond together!!

All too soon, it was back to school – cue the obligatory front door shot…

They were excited to be back with their school friends again, ready for an Autumn of fun.

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