Brilliant Brimham Rocks [Staycation 2017]

After our weekend in York, we continued our journey north with a morning on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales at the exceptional Brimham Rocks.  Matt and I had visited years ago and were excited at the prospect of showing the children – because it really is incredible.  Some 400 acres in size, the site full of unusual rock formations created over hundreds of million years ago!  It’s mind-blowing.

The resulting structures look totally alien in the landscape – like this:

The rock formations are spread around a beautiful location with far reaching views over the Dales, and as you walk around one stack, another even more crazy group of them appears.

And best of all, you are positively encouraged to explore – by walking, touching and climbing.  It really is an outdoor playground – and Alex and Sophie LOVED it.

They couldn’t get enough of the scrambling!

And as time went on, they got braver and braver – and consequently higher!  I had a fair few heart-in-my-mouth moments, but managed to encourage them to go for it!

And of course, in a location so beautiful, we posed for countless family photographs!

We even tried some comedy timer shots (although, note to self – probably best not to try high speed runs from the camera timer button to pose when you’re up high and have to jump over obstacles to reach the family – am still amazed that Matt didn’t fall off when setting this up!):

I’ll leave this post with my new favourite photos of my duo – I just love this shot of them together staring out over Yorkshire.

Next stop: the North York Moors…

8 thoughts on “Brilliant Brimham Rocks [Staycation 2017]

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  2. I love Brimham rocks. We don’t live too faraway but it was a funny day with strange light when we went, so our photos are not nearly as good as yours. Some of the rocks have funny names too so we’ll be going back to find them all. #CountryKids


  3. They do look fun to scramble up and I love your fun photos from the top. The family one is really good and no one would know the difficulty of setting up a timer on top of the rocks! Did you ever walk up Rough Tor when you stayed with us? The top is very similar with granite outcrops and far reaching views out to the coast.

    Thank you for sharing the next stage of your Northern journey on #CountryKids


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