Starting school

I’m interrupting the current holiday recap blog posts to bring you some photos from this monumental day. I am now the mother of two school children!  Sophie has started school!

It is crazy to me that both my children are old enough to be in full-time education, and even more bizarre to get my head around the fact that they are now on this long journey through school where they will begin to find themselves, their passions and (hopefully) something they enjoy enough to build forge a future career and life.

Sophie was so excited, I didn’t think she’d fall asleep last night – but she did, and she slept like a log (so much so that it was pretty tough to wake her up this morning!)

But she was soon up and in her new uniform, eating breakfast with her brother and then posing for the obligatory sibling photographs at the front door!  Look at that cheesy smile!  Alex looks less impressed (although he too couldn’t wait to get back to his classroom and his friends)

And, because it made me chuckle, here’s a comparison with the same pose on Alex’s first day at school and Sophie’s first day at nursery in 2015.  Sophie looks so mini back then!  And they’ve both shot up so much.

We enjoyed a slow and gentle walk to school – and neither child looked back as they headed into their classrooms for the day!

The minimal reporting of the day from the pair of them suggests it all went swimmingly – day one done, many thousand more to go!

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