March in pictures

Before I get on with sorting out the hundreds of photographs we’ve taken on our Easter holidays, I wanted to share a few snaps of what else we’ve been getting up to recently.  It’s felt like a pretty low key few weeks, with work particularly busy for Matt and I, but looking back at our snaps, it looks like we’ve actually been pretty busy.

A real highlight a few weeks ago was a visit to the new Robot Zoo exhibition at the brilliant Horniman Museum.  As members, we visit regularly and I’d been eager to see the new interactive exhibition for a while – and I wasn’t disappointed.  Enormous robotic animals revealed various aspects of animal physiology – with interactive exhibits showing how creatures see, eat, hunt and hide.  It was so creative, and so much fun!

Here’s Alex controlling how a chameleon moves and changes colour:

And here’s Sophie dwarfed by some of the creatures!

Alex loved operating the “tongue gun”, demonstrating how chameleon capture their meals!

And we all enjoyed racing squid (and simulating how they use jet propulsion for high speed swimming!)

Best of all was trying out some chameleon-style camouflage to blend into our backgrounds!

It was an excellent exhibition, and we’ll certainly back to have another go soon!

Another great museum trip recently was our visit to the Milton Keynes Museum.  While visiting my parents, we dropped in for a quick visit and stayed for ages!  We barely took any photographs – we were too busy exploring the interactive displays.  Alex and Sophie cooked bread on an open fire like Victorians, operated a telephone exchange and even visited an old pub!

They ended up in the stocks for under age drinking 😉

It was a fun place to while away a few hours and a handy place on the list for a rainy day next time we’re visiting my parents.

A slightly less fun place we visited recently (for us grownups of course) was Hamleys!  Alex’s school project this term was all about toys – and he was challenged to research the world’s oldest toy shop.  So early one Sunday, we found ourselves on Regent Street with two very excited children!  We explored every floor, but everyone’s favourite was the Star Wars themed basement!

We managed to escape before it got too unbearably busy, and without having to spend too much money!

A much more enjoyable excursion for us all was over to Berkshire to celebrate my nieces’ third birthdays.  We all had a fabulous time at their soft play party.  I just love this photograph of Alex and Sophie hugging Rose (and how good is the face painting!)

And how excited was Sophie to meet Elsa!?

Back in London, we’ve been encouraging Sophie’s cycling skills with some time at the Brockwell Park BMX track (loving how she is rocking a tutu on the track!)

She’s also helped me out with some DIY at home!

As part of his toys and games homework, Alex taught us all to play “Spoons”.

And he’s enjoyed another term of Beavers, achieving two new badges – space and creative!

We’ve enjoyed plenty of playdates with friends.  I love this shot of Sophie and her friend Una – it is so typical of her favourite activities at the moment.  Dressing up in fancy dress and packing anything she can find into all her bags!

We persuaded the girls to leave their bags and dresses at home for some tree climbing in the local park!

And here’s a happy foursome in another local park after a pudding picnic together last week!


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