A rural walk from Down House

As I said in my last post, Spring is finally here and we’ve been making the most of it.  We found ourselves with a completely free Sunday a couple of weeks ago, and having recently taken delivery of a new car (how grown up!) we thought we’d take it for a spin.  We bundled everyone in and headed for Kent to some of our closest countryside.  Having loved our visit to English Heritage’s Down House – the home of Charles Darwin – last year, we chose to go back there for lunch and a walk.

Being the first really warm, sunny Sunday of the Easter holidays, Down House was pretty busy, so we started in the local village of Downe in its glorious tea room for a quick lunch.  It was hard to find a seat with all the Sunday cyclists dropping in for scones and cake!  But we managed to squeeze in and fuel up for our walk.

We let the children lead the way, and soon found ourselves in pretty woodland.

We made fast progress to begin with as the children ran along the paths ahead.

But then they discovered some dens and logs to climb on and our speedy progress halted!

It was so peaceful in the woodland, except for the occasional light aircraft landing and taking off at the nearby Biggin Hill airfield.  We got a great view as the walk took us into more open fields, so the children stopped for a while to watch the planes.

Before setting off at speed again!

As we neared the village, we found ourselves walking through agricultural fields where Sophie’s pace slowed to a dawdle as she tried to collect heavy stones from the path.  Thankfully the promise of a cake spurred her on, and we made it back to the village for some Victoria Sponge and a cream tea 🙂

Before heading back to London, we dropped into Down House where most of the crowds had gone.  We had a quick look around the house again – really pleased to see that Alex remembered some facts about Darwin and the Beagle!  But the blue skies beckoned, and we headed quickly out into the gardens enjoying the Spring blooms and beautiful views back to the house.

And, of course, we spent some time in Darwin’s greenhouses.

We’re so lucky to have somewhere so pretty and peaceful within 40 minutes of our urban home.


11 thoughts on “A rural walk from Down House

  1. It’s lovely to see that you’ve got this little piece of heaven not far from home, it looks like the perfect place to explore on sunny days. The kids look in their element exploring the woods and the fields, It’s lovely to see them interacting with each other so kindly. I’m not surprised they stopped at the dens, they’re always such a big draw!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.


  2. Down House is always a lovely visit, i wonder whether the mulberry tree will be fruiting again this year! What a lovely walk and some sunshine too! #countrykids


  3. The weather has been just glorious, hasn’t it? I did live reading your post as your two seem so ‘together’ and happy with each other (and the photos show this too). Mine too are always out running and leading the way but are so very easily distracted by a good den!
    Popping over from #CountryKids – sorry its a bit late we were away for Easter


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