Celebrating my nieces turning two!

I was clearly a tad ambitious a few weeks ago when I said I was back to blogging – I’ve been crazy busy preparing to leave Imperial after 16 years working there.  But yesterday was my last day, so I suddenly have time back again!  I have a big list of blog posts to catch up on, so I’m hoping to get through them on my week off before starting my new role on 27 June.  I’m starting with a post that I meant to share 2 months ago – when we had the enormous pleasure of spending a day with my family to mark my gorgeous nieces turning two.

The celebrations started at a fab softplay in Reading (The Mad House) where the children went wild for a couple of hours – making it pretty tricky to take photographs!  But here are beautiful Lucy and Rose chilling out for a few minutes in their party dresses before dashing off again:


Everyone loved the massive slide – here’s Alex with his Auntie Sarah and Lucy:


Sophie soon joined in:


The twins clearly loved the softplay – as did all their friends and cousins!


I can’t write a birthday party post without mentioning cake – and as there were two birthday girls, there were two cakes!  Here’s Lucy ready to blow out her candles:


And Rose inspecting her Peppa Pig cake!


Rose loved the puddings!


After the party, we headed back to my brother’s house for more food and games with some of the twins’ friends and cousins.  Alex and Sophie got on particular with Luke and Eve, my sister-in-law’s nephew and niece – here they are waiting to get started on an Easter Egg hunt:


The faces of the oldest three children not at all amused that they had to give the smaller ones a head start in the Easter Egg hunt:


Finally they were free to run around, so they explored the big garden searching for chocolate eggs.


The egg theme continued with an egg and spoon race (Alex and Sophie cheated constantly!)


And then their favourite – a running race!

Running Alexluke

For the rest of the afternoon, us adults ate vast amounts of food, while our children bounced and bounced on the trampoline.  Love these pictures of Rose looking very confident at bouncing!

RosieWe had such a lovely day – it’s such a pleasure seeing my nieces grow up, and even more fun watching them begin to interact with their older cousins.  So many more fun parties to come!

I’ll close with a couple of pictures of my little brother and his girls!

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